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Infuse-Your-Mood Tea

A cup of steaming tea has a wonderfully restorative and calming effect. But what if your warm drink went one step further? Infuse Your Mood tea uses the safe, balanced power of the adaptogen eleuthero that promotes tranquility and potent, safe energy with every sip. You get no jitters, sleeplessness or energy roller coasters. Instead, you are treated to a nurturing, healthy and energizing form of support in a world that seems to just keep getting faster and faster. The soothing drink gently and steadily increases your energy without any downturn.

Additionally, the tea supports optimum mental performance by supporting memory, focus, accuracy and mental speed. It helps to protect your body from the wear and tear of stress and enables your body to respond to pressure efficiently and effectively. Infuse Your Mood tea has a mild and delicious flavor that is made with 100% eleuthero that is carefully harvested to preserve its potency.

Discover the powerful benefits of the adaptogen eleuthero

Infuse Your Mood tea harnesses the power of eleuthero, an adaptogen also known as Siberian Ginseng. With each sip, you give yourself its power to adapt and thrive.

Adaptogens are treasured by herbalists for their ability to help your body contend with stress. An adaptogen makes your body more efficient in its response to stress and helps your body minimize the damage stress can create. By definition, adaptogens are also non-toxic and exert a normalizing influence on the body. By supporting your body as it contends with the challenges your environment throws at it, both mental and physical, an adaptogen sustains your body's energy reserves.

Specifically, eleuthero seems to moderate the effects of stress on your heart, allowing your body to respond to it better. The adaptogen appears to support sustained energy and endurance.

In one simple tea bag, you'll discover your best ally in bringing balance and vigor back to your life.