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Rejuv-A-Wafers® Are Natural Pet Nutrition

We understand how special your pets are to you. That's why we know you would do anything for them—with special regard to their health and nutrition. We developed Rejuv-A-Wafers® to make chlorella's powerful nutrition available to your furry friends. This supplement will help your pets stay as healthy as they can.


  • Are veterinarian recommended
  • Combine the nutrition of chlorella with the adaptogen eleuthero for stamina and energy, plus lecithin to help support skin and a shiny coat
  • Allow your pets to get the benefits of chlorella's unique nutrient, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)
  • Help freshen breath
  • Come in an easy-to-eat pet wafer that pets love to snack on without any mess or fuss

The pet supplement that makes chlorella's rich benefits available to animals

Rejuv-A-Wafers' main ingredient is the whole food chlorella. This algae is a nutrient powerhouse brimming with benefits that will help your pets live healthfully.

One of chlorella's most special properties is its high amount of chlorophyll.

But what gives chlorella its edge is the CGF. This property allows chlorella to multiply at an astounding rate, which benefits your—and your pets'!—body greatly. Because of the CGF, chlorella has a high concentration of nucleic acids; foods rich in nucleic acids provides support at the cellular level. When you're strong and healthy at the cellular level, you are strong and healthy as a whole.